Obscure Things

by Matthew the Animal

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released February 17, 2017

All songs produced and arranged by Matthew The Animal. All lyrics written and arranged by Michael Sawyer.

Michael Sawyer- Electric Guitars, Vocals
Isaac Roinas- Drums, Auxiliary Percussion, Synth, Piano, Vocal Harmonies
Jared Stellmach- Bass Guitar (Big Muddy)
Kieran Prince- Bass Guitar (My Priscilla, Fool)

Music engineered and recorded by Isaac Roinas at Wildlife Sanctuary in Seattle, WA.
Mixed and Mastered by Neil Hampton (Seattle, WA)
Album artwork by Jake Enslin (Tacoma, WA)

Thank you:
Jesse Proctor, for graciously allowing us to record this EP with your space and equipment, during the course of 2015. We could not have done this project without your support and generosity.
To all our family and friends who have supported us, even from the very beginning when we played our first show back in Bremerton during the summer of 2014. It is because of you all, that we continue to write and play music together. We dedicate this EP to you all.
Keldon Ellis, who was with us in the beginning when the band was first formed. Thank you for your commitment early on, we wish you and Leslie the best in Minnesota.
Kieran Prince, Joel Kilmer, Darla Halverson, Stephen Stocklin for all the time and creative energy who’ve spent with us in rehearsals preparing for shows. Your generosity has blessed us all immensely.



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Matthew the Animal Seattle, Washington

What started as friends playing music together in an apartment studio, quickly turned into a desire to create energetic and passionate music that could be shared with the Puget Sound area. Sawyer (Guitar), and Stellmach (Bass) moved to the Pacific Northwest from Minnesota to pursue music. Here, they met Kitsap Peninsula native Roinas (Drums), the three of whom form MTA. ... more

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Track Name: Fool
It's like the sun kissed the moon.
You can’t get that close without some wounds.
My hope is that you don't feel used.
Figuring out what is for you.

When everything's hot you still feel cold.
When you’re together you feel alone.
Did you forget she's not for you?
You know, in time you're gonna lose.

Oh, you're gonna lose.

How many girls can you fool,
Before you feel like less of a man?

Are you a fool? No, you just got to close.
Track Name: Down Meridian
I've got this feeling like there's something bad inside me.
I've got this hope that I'm wrong.
Two more hours till I'm at my destination.
Two more hours till I'm free.
Maybe I will spend this weekend all alone.
Or I’ll spend it will you.
Since we fought you feel like we are more in love,
But that night I got the chills.

And it all, seems so easy.
If we want to be together.

Once you hit the dirt road, it's on your left.
Unless they changed that part too.
Straight ahead I used to go and be fool.
I'm still trying to forget.
I'd spend hours just roaming my backyard.
Finding spots to get away.
Back then you would find me sitting all alone.
You make sure to fill that void.

And it all moves so quickly,
When you say that you love me.
And it all should feel so easy,
Just to say I love you too.
Track Name: My Priscilla
Unknown syllables we make up.
My hair, my own hair we mess up.
Home alone. This house is noisy at night,
But you’re still my Priscilla.

It’s raining, and the ceiling’s leaking.
Cavafy and my favorite notebook
Is getting drenched,
But you’re still my Priscilla.

Oh, what you know, I know.

There are certain things only you and I should know.
Let’s keep it that way, for a while.
There are certain things only you and I know.
Let’s keep it that way, for a while.
Until our love gets tangled at the end will I come to a friend and confide.
There are certain things only you and I should know.

Oh, what we know, only we should know.